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Appraisal And Gem Assessment Report For Our Items

Appraisal And Gem Assessment Report For Our Items


What is this service?

This is for a gem assessment and insurance appraisal stating the monetary value of our merchandise. This service is conducted by a GIA graduated gemologist here in the Los Angeles Jewelry District. This is a third party service and we do not make any profit off of this, nor do we have any control over what gets written. This is strictly a service we provide with the intention to make you feel more secure about your purchase. 

How much does it cost? 

Most of our full priced items $375 and up qualify for a free appraisal, with purchase of the item. Please feel free to request one. You have the option of purchasing this service with our item(s), or before purchasing the item(s). If your item qualifies, and you would like the service to be done prior to the purchase of the item(s), the fee will go towards the purchase of your item(s).

How long does it take? 

This service is completed within the same to two business days of purchase. 

Note: The jadeite ring and the princess cut diamond ring in the appraisals are listed for sale. As are the imperial topaz stones, which are set in rings. Almost always, the item ends up being appraised for more than you pay, and we are always happy you are getting a deal. For example, the jadeite ring was appraised at $11,840 and is being sold for $5,295. And the princess cut diamond ring was appraised at $6,520 and it is being sold for $2650.

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